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Robert Scott
Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Eon past, before the dawn of time. The big bang happened, slightly before that came "1,2..a  1,2,3,4..." That was the voice of Saab R'ikckoruss. The eternal Bass lord. Of which Robert Scott is the latest avatar. Bass Guru extrordinaire with access to the "Hive mind" of universal purveyors of the low notes. If you think you have seen him before, you probably have. He is in many bands, he is in every band ...... He is THE Bass player. Calmly understated, stately in demeanor while ferocious across the fretboard. Many beginners on their bass guitar journey confront a candle and meditate. Hoping to transcend to the otherworldly plane that Mr Scott plays on. Few, very few reach this Nirvana.
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